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I sometimes feel lucky because I only had a job for about 17 months all my adult life and those 17 months (unfortunately) were the worst of my adult life. Get me right. Some people were wired to be employees and that’s completely great as not everyone can be an entrepreneur. But some are not just wired to be employees or for whatever reason, they hate their jobs. Knowing thyself A few days ago I was discussing with a female friend when I told her that what I think is the primary problem of most people in the world is that, they don’t know who they are. Most people are like tall buildings with faulty foundations. This is so because the knowledge of yourself is the foundation for every other thing in your life. It’s the knowledge of yourself that will influence every other decision of your life. It’s the knowledge about yourself that will determine the kind of courses to study in the college. It’s the knowledge of yourself that will determine the kind of people you hang around. It’s the knowledge about yourself that will determine the career path you’ll choose and even who you’ll marry. Socrates’ most popular quote is: “Know thyself”. These two words, I think, is more important than any other two words in the English language. “Know thyself” is a piece of powerful advice because when you don’t have a deep understanding of who you are, you can’t get anything else right about yourself, your career or even your marriage.

How am I different from every other person?

The first thing to do if you hate your job is not to look for a better-paid job. The first thing to do is to know who you are because if you don’t know who you are, choosing a better job or even starting a business will still lead you to the life of unfulfillment. Whenever I talk about this subject, people often ask me, “How can I know myself, my strength and my passion?” The best way to answer this question is by telling you the story of how I discovered who I am. It all started when I was at the age of 17. I was troubled when I read some things about the importance of self-discovery .The first thing I did was to ask myself, and “What do I do easily that most people find difficult to do? The answers to these questions did not come easily but after spending much time alone with myself, I had a better understanding of these questions. I discovered that I love to speak, especially in public and I also discovered that I love to write my thoughts. The negative part of my self-discovery is that I am very stubborn, probably rude and authoritarian. I also love to create things, especially things that people can pay for.

“Why you act the way you do” by Tim Lahaye.

This first part of self-discovery gave me some answers but not a complete answer. I had to continue reading and when I got a better knowledge about the different professions, I seemed to understand better where I could belong. Yes, the entire picture isn’t clear yet but I was progressing. One day, I saw a book with a friend and out of curiosity, I borrowed the book. The name of the book is, “Why you act the way you do” by Tim Lahaye. It’s a book about temperament and it was a miracle for me to come across that book. I started reading about different temperaments, strengths, and weaknesses. I think I read that book more than most books I ever read.This book did two miracles for me; one, it helps me to be more certain about who I am and it also helps me to know and understand other people. As I embarked on this journey of self-discovery, I also deliberately spent a lot of time alone with myself, to think and meditate. By the time I read “Why you act the way you do”, couples of times with my 2-3-year-old journey of self-discovery I earlier started, I now know who I am and ever since then, my life simply becomes a game. Life becomes easy for me because since I know myself, it’s easier for me to make decisions. I simply know what I should do and what I shouldn’t. I know the kind of career that can make me happy and those that will make my life miserable and I can easily choose them .

If you hate your job, the first to do is to embark on the journey of self-discovery.

People have deep understanding of who they are and how they are different from everyone, they can’t know why they are not happy. Maybe some of the things I did to discover myself will help you to discover yourself too. It may take some time but I can tell you that nothing in the world is more rewarding than knowing who you are. Stop living like everyone When I embarked on the journey of self-discovery, the more I know myself, the farther I went from what everyone thinks was normal. At some appointed, I had to separate myself from most of my friends. I mean, who you are is to determine everything about your life and that includes who you hang out with. When I discover who I am, that I was going to be an entrepreneur, I knew that I wouldn’t live my life with many references to the academic world, so I decided never to have any degree.

I can’t just watch a soccer match because everyone does.

When I know myself, I simply stopped living like everyone else. Now I have a value and a purpose. I can’t just watch a movie because everyone watches it. Can it help me to be who I want to be? Can it help me in any way? I can’t just pursue college degrees because that’s what society says is good. Would that help my future in any way? When you know yourself, the next thing to do is to live differently from everyone. Most employees I know do spend their income faster than they earn it. Now that you know yourself, you don’t need to have the desire to be or look like everyone. You don’t have to buy the latest phone or drive a new car because everyone does it. You’re different and you must have the courage to think that you’re better, smarter and greater than everyone. If you think that you’re better and smarter than everyone, you don’t have to do foolish things they do, right? Don’t be an entrepreneur When you ask most people who hate their jobs what they’ll like to do, their default answer is, “I want to be an entrepreneur” I think this is the fault of the entrepreneur advocates like myself. The truth of the matter is that you don’t have to have your business to be happy. If you were not wired to be an entrepreneur and you try to be an entrepreneur because you hate your job, you’ll be more miserable running a business than you are now. The key is to know why you hate your job which is another tough exercise.

Why do you hate your job?

You must be able to analyze honestly, the reason why you hate your job. If for example, the reason why you hate your job is that you’re underpaid. Then, starting a business is not likely to solve that problem. The problem of being underpaid can only be solved by you increase your skills and value. I need you to stop thinking that you need to be an entrepreneur because you hate your job. Now, the only reason why you should be an entrepreneur is if when you embark on the journey of self-discovery you discover that you have what it takes to be a warrior, that you have what it takes to fail a million times and never give up, that you have what it takes to be broke for years and still believe in yourself and your product. If you’re not wired to be an entrepreneur and you try to be one, then, you’ll be more miserable as an entrepreneur than you are now.

Do you love to start your day with high energy?

This is the summary of what I’ve discussed with you so far; 1. Know thyself because if you don’t know who you are, you can’t possibly know the right career path for yourself 2. Know why you hate your job because except you know the reason why you hate your job, you can’t know what to do 3. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur simply because you hate your job. you can only fight to be an entrepreneur if the result of your self-discovery shows that you have what it takes.

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