One Trick The Rich Use to make money which poor people don’t know.

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In the year 2012, I was angry about a particular thing in the society so I decided to pour my anger into a book. I really wasn’t expecting that book to sell many copies. In fact, I was expecting a lot of criticism and haltered because what I was about to write against has been going on for more than 150 years. Anyway, I wished to document my opinion, who knows, maybe the next generation could listen to me, if everyone today rejects me. I started writing and by 2013 my book was ready for sales. I started selling on Facebook and later on my website. Surprisingly, many people like my book and I was making some money from the sales. But something is about to change. In the year 2015 or so, I decided to start giving the book out for free, yes, 100% free. So instead of people to pay for that book, all they have to do is to download it on my blog. Then, the miracle happened. By giving away the book, I started making 10 times more money than I was making by selling the book. How is that possible? That’s a simple trick I’ll be explaining in this video. If you’re new here, consider subscribing so that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. Now let’s get started.

The one simple trick the rich use to make a lot of money.

You can see this everywhere and I’ll soon give you some obvious examples. Let me share my personal experiences first. As I was telling you about my book, I went from selling a few copies every month to making a lot of money simply by giving out for free what I was selling. How is that possible? Here’s is the trick. To make a lot of money, you need two things; First, attention, Second, trust. These two things are very difficult to get. People’s attention is divided into a million things so they are not willing to give you a minute of their time. For you to earn people’s trust too, that’s gold as most people don’t even trust their spouse, how can they ever trust you? Now we have two problems; how to get attention and how to earn trust. I have a simple trick that can solve the two problems and that’s placing value ahead of money or even if possible, giving a valuable thing away. Let me explain the two tricks.

First, if possible, give away a very valuable thing.

 Because it’s free, you’ll get people’s attention as we all love free thing. Because what you’re giving away is truly valuable, people will trust you. When people trust you, you’re rich because they will be willing to pay you for any other thing you’re selling. In my own case, after I’ve noticed that a lot of people like my book, I decided to give it out for free. Thank God for the internet. It doesn’t cost me anything if a million people download my book. Now after you read my book and say, “Wow! This is the best book I’ve ever read”, I’ve got the two important keys to wealth; the attention and the trust. With these two things in my possession, I can literarily manufacture money. I can ask this multitude of people who have given me their attention and trust to give me money and they will joyfully do so. I can ask them to buy my other books. I can sell them a course. I can even make some of them to partner with my other business projects as investor. In fact, I can get them to campaign for me if I want to be the president. There’s virtually nothing I can’t get by getting people’s attention and trust. Now let me give some examples you see every day.

 Facebook is a Wonderful Platform.

Through the social media, you can stay connected with your high school friends, make new friends and communicate with people you care about for as much as you want and you don’t have to pay for such a great service. By giving you such great services for free, you’ve paid attention to and trusted social media and that’s why you visit the Instagram, Facebook or WhatApp every day. Because you’ve given your attention and trust to these platforms, the site owners can get whatever they want from you, legitimately. That’s how Facebook and other social media make billions of dollars every month. Let’s see another example. It’s absolutely free to search Google or watch YouTube videos, right? But that’s why billions of people can give their attention and trust to these platforms and that’s why the owners can make too much money. So all these are technology companies and it’s easy to do, right? What about physical products or services? Can we use the same trick? Well, one of the greatest marketer ever in the world is Claude C. Hopkins. Even when there was no internet and technologies as we know them today, Hopkins pulled many companies from several industries from obscurity to national fame and prosperity by using a simple trick he called sampling. Sampling is giving a part of your products or services away for free. In his words, Hopkins said, “Sampling always pay for itself”. But sampling will not only pay for itself.

The two Most Important Assets anyone needs to be Rich and Successful.

Those are; attention and trust so the marketer can turn those two assets to anything else they desire. That’s the trick the rich use to make a lot of money. The opposite is what poor people do. Most people who are poor today are poor because they are stingy. They want to have their reward right away. They don’t want to plant and wait. They don’t want to give before getting. You have to be willing to give and wait before the reward. So how can you apply this? First, understand that the two assets you ever need to be anything, either a millionaire or the president of the United States is attention and trust. Don’t ever forget that. There’s no third thing; attention and trust. You need people to pay attention to you or your product and you need them to trust you and the product.

How Can I get People’s Attention and Trust?

There are few other strategies people use but the simplest of them is what I’ve explained in this video; give people free value, first, and they will give you their attention and trust. With their attention and trust in your possession, you can legitimately achieve anything. In some cases you may not be able to give out your product or service for free. What you have to do here is to be sure you create something truly unique and exciting. If what you’re bringing to the table is truly unique, people will naturally pay attention to it. That’s what Seth Godin calls the Purple Cow. Imagine seeing a purple cow. Since you never see any cow with the purple colour before, you’ll be tempted to stop, meaning you’ve given your attention. If after you stopped, someone signals to you that you can come closer, you’re likely to do so since you may never see a cow like this again. If after you move closer someone tells you that you can actually be in the possession of a little purple cow, since that would make you special among your friend, if you love cows before, you’ll want to buy a little purple cow. So in the case that you can’t buy people’s attention by giving away your product or services for free, you can get their attention and trust by creating something super unique. Again, let me leave you with this; your goal in life is to get people’s attention and trust. You can use some free offer or create a unique product or service.

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